vodka_helps (vodka_helps) wrote in 0bsess3d,

i am new here and i am obsessed with renee zellweger.
i have no shame in this fact.
i love her more than my family or myself or anyone else i know.
my room is covered in newspaper clippings (a bit like the scene in a beautiful mind when Nash's wife discovers his secret shed..) and i have all of her films and books that mention her.
i spend hundreds fuelling my obsession every year. i go to premieres of all of her films just for a slight glimpse of her. recently i went to the london premiere of Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason.. when i saw her i burst into tears. i would do anything to meet her in a face to face one on one type way.
she is my everything and i am obsessed.
Roxie* xxxx

(other obsessions include.. smoking, alcohol, Davina McCall, food, diets and music!)
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