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Im new. I am curently stalking two males. One of which is Chester aka Robert.

*Random facts about Chester*
*He lives with his mom
*he is in between the ages of 35 and 40
*He has the mind of a 12 year old
*He enjoys crack every now and then
*His buddy killed himself
*he likes fishing
*He has a ten speed cycle
*He often rides his lawn mower to walmart
*He once told me and jessica his other stalker that if you throw back some cold ones and have some asprin ull sleep like a baby
*Chester has been accused of many molesting charges thats why he is known as "chester"
*Chester has a bro named ronnie
*Chester thinks he will be famous one day
*chester plays the gi-tar.. he calls the guitar a Gi-tar.

There are many more facts id love to share about the man i tresure so dearly. I only hope our 20 year or so age difference wont be a factor for him and i. I doubt hed mind becuz.. well he like youngesters.

This is our livejournal devoted to eeverything chester does feel free to look at it.. there ARE pictres of him!
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