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Im new. I am curently stalking two males. One of which is Chester aka Robert.

*Random facts about Chester*
*He lives with his mom
*he is in between the ages of 35 and 40
*He has the mind of a 12 year old
*He enjoys crack every now and then
*His buddy killed himself
*he likes fishing
*He has a ten speed cycle
*He often rides his lawn mower to walmart
*He once told me and jessica his other stalker that if you throw back some cold ones and have some asprin ull sleep like a baby
*Chester has been accused of many molesting charges thats why he is known as "chester"
*Chester has a bro named ronnie
*Chester thinks he will be famous one day
*chester plays the gi-tar.. he calls the guitar a Gi-tar.

There are many more facts id love to share about the man i tresure so dearly. I only hope our 20 year or so age difference wont be a factor for him and i. I doubt hed mind becuz.. well he like youngesters.

This is our livejournal devoted to eeverything chester does feel free to look at it.. there ARE pictres of him!
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chester molester hey i read that
u r obsessed arent u???
I am not sure if this is the right thing to do but when you love your daughter as much as i love mine you will try anything. it is 1:38am on tuesday and i miss my daughter so much. Every ounce of my mind, heart and soul ache for her because she is in so much pain. When you are a mom you do the best that you know to raise your children. i have made mistakes that hurt her, and i am so sorry for that. I want the absolute best for my daughter. i want her safe. i have a responsibility to her to raise her properly by, setting boundaries, rules, teaching her manners, teaching her to show respect and demand it herself. She is beautiful, intelligent,caring and creative. i want her to have a high self esteem, to know it in her heart and not have to have it validated by her friends. i want her to go to college and succeed in her life. to her it appears that i don't love her or that she is not good enough for me, which is farthest from the truth. my dear daughter i love you with all my heart. we have to be honest with each other. we both have to remember even though we are mother and daughter and generations a part i once too shared the same feelings and pain that you are now. i can listen and i do understand, please listen also. Trust me that i want to spare you from some of the darkest moments that come with being who we are. i can help if you only let me in. i am numb and sick knowing you are not here and that i didn't see your pain as deep as it is. i thank god that you had the courage and strength to to ask for help. i also thank god that those two special people were there for you and love you. (thank you JB & MB). i sit her now waiting for morning and waiting for you to come home soon. i love you and i am so sorry i didn't know better or have the clarity, please forgive me and help me by talking to me.
your mom
ps.any teen who may be reading this, please i ask you to talk to your parent if you feel like my daughter does. she was once bubbly and interacted w/ us. then she became reclusive and moody, we thought it was due to being a teen girl, we were so wrong. remember parents can only do what they think is right, please tell us how you really feel deep down in your soul, otherwise how can we help?

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yehh um do you need help with that so that you can read the whole thing?? if so ; my sn is nicolex30 and my lj is piink0xbabii
yehh um do you need help with that so that you can read the whole thing?? if so ; my sn is nicolex3o and my lj is piink0xbabii

REAL ONe. before i need nicolex30 {zero} by mistake. its "o"
Hmmm. If you people in this livejournal like stalking celebrities, you'd probably get along well with rocking_horse.


May 19 2005, 12:40:05 UTC 12 years ago

go to www.freewebs.com/stumps40love i think you might know this person
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