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stalker song

ok heres the song
hope you all like

::phone rings::
hellow... hellow.... stop calling me!
::dials number::
::weird noise::
the number you have reached has been changed to a nonpublished number
its dark
feel the breeze
when i open your window dont shut it please
start to get weak in the kneese
::phone ring::
pick up your phone its me
your gona see how much fun this can be to get stalked by me
the B.I.G
wont get far follow you in the car
my you are a fisty one
this is gona be fun
o......o no
where you gona go?
o you dont know?
well let me tell you no where so be scared

(chorus) x2
i see you
where you going?
i'm behind you
you dont know it
i love you and this is how i show it
you love my you just dont know it

February 22 1993 was the first time i saw you
you didnt see me
i was looking in the window you where watching TV
heard somebody comming so i hid behind a tree
10 years later and i'm on the same path
still watching you while your in your bubble bath
remember disney land when that mouse made you laugh?
i was right behind you about a step and a half
went on all the rides even though i'm scared of hights
even though it hurt my pride to see you with that guy
tried my best to hide and move to the side but i couldnt be to far had to keep you in my sight
cought the pretty centir view in the gust of wind
you know that dude with you?
hes just your friend
i hope you know our love is gona last until the end
you better know our love is gona last until the end


at your house i'm right behind you right beside you
even memerized your daily routine so i could find you
i'm always close by in everything that you do so come to think of it i probly know more about you that you
i know it all shoe size favorit food your breathing pattern at night what kind of shampoo you use
i got pictures of you everywhere your painting over my bed
missing pices of your clothing i'm wearing them instead
and you know that guy at work?
he makes me so mad
he always wears a blue shirt and drives a red van
well he stairs at you while you make coffie with milk thats skim
i know that he does because i'm stairing at him
theres no way that you could like him
you better tell him that you dont
i dont want to intercept mail hide in your attic then tap the phone but i'll have to
and dont blame me blame your new friend for the bad things that i do
i just have to make it end


a guy i know made this song
if you want it e-mail me for it at
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