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New :)

Oh hello. So ah, I found you.. Stalker?
These are my deeds: I found his number in the phone book (after calling twenty other people with his common last name), I looked up his class schedule, I have bought clothing to exactly match his outfits, I have followed his bus to find the street that he lives on, I have secretly taken photos of him and cut up everyone else in the photos, I am befriending his current anorexic girlfriend, I have stolen pictures drawn by him and I made a sim family of us together. Today I found my way into the yearbook class's file and printed every picture of him. Mmmm.. infatuation.
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i wish it were that easy to stalk the guy i am obsessed with.
there must always be ways...
oh, there are ways i'm sure. they're just not simple in any way shape or form. ;)
ah but what fun would it be without some challenge? xD
Amen sista. I've done all of what you said too. I followed my stalkee home [but lost him on one turning ¬_¬] looked up his address and number in the phonebook according to the postcode where I lost him. Befriended his friend and got him to become my ninja to find out information for me. Took secret pictures of him. Memorised his shedule and also made a sim family.
May I add you to my friends list, fellow stalker? xD